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îcøn is a semi-hardcore raiding guild made up of friends old and new with varying degrees of experience.

What kind of people will I find in îcøn?

In îcøn, we put a lot of emphasis on maintaining a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. More than progression, we value an environment in which we can play a game with it always remaining just a game. Our members, both those who raid and those who don't, are helpful and inviting. They come from varied walks of life, age groups, and levels of experience. No matter your background in life or in WoW, you can find someone to get along with in îcøn.

What is îcøn's progression?

îcøn has been around for a quite a while. We first made our name raiding in WotLK and after an extended break, came back in the second half of Cata where we had two 10 man groups that made good progression in heroics. For MoP, both of our groups successfully cleared all T14 raids. After combining with Guardians of the Zodiac we converted to 25-man heroic raiding. We also have a 10-man raid team that is looking for members. We are currently mythic 25-man raiding and looking forward to WoD progression.

Is îcøn recruiting for raiding?

We are currently looking for a few people to help fill our 20-man mythic and our 10 man teams. In addition to filling specific spots, it is inevitable that someone occasionally be unable to make a raid night or suddenly be unable to raid for extended periods of time. At those times, our raid leaders prefer to look inward and fill those spots with guildies.

When does îcøn raid?
Our 20-man mythic team raids Tue/Thur from 9:00pm - midnight. Our 10 man teams are more flexible and can adjust raid times and nights based on composition.

What kind of experience can I expect from an îcøn raid?

That would definitely depend on which raid you find yourself in and would be best answered by talking to their respected raid leaders and raid members. Flag down anyone with anyone with an îcøn tag to find out who you should be talking to.

Is raiding all îcøn does?

Absolutely not! While raiding is our main focus in WoW, we have a very wide variety of members who are interested in a wide range of activities. We have mount/pet collectors, achievement hunters, dungeon aficionados, scenario buffs, and more. We even have guild sponsored events most weeks to run old raids, whether for achievements, transmog, or just for fun. Then we also enjoy having guild contests in a gold-raising capacity that have so far been a glorious success. And lastly, while not many of us delve far into the PvP scene, we do have members that wouldn't be complete with Battlegrounds and Arenas.

Can I join îcøn even if I don't want to raid?

Of course you can! In fact, we have many members who have little to no interest in raiding and just like belonging to a guild filled with friends. No matter your interests, we love having new members.

Are there any perks to being in îcøn?

You mean besides the long-lasting friendships and helpful guildmates? Well, our guild bank is 100% supported by our guild members. Every gold, flask, and herb is donated by our members. Most of the guild bank is used to supply consumables to our raid teams for every raid, but all îcøn members benefit from guild repairs, limited only by their role in the guild. Also, most things in the bank are available to be purchased by any guild member at half the current AH price. For more information on the guild bank, just ask Sam, the Guild Bank manager.

Who's in charge in îcøn?

While our hierarchy is no more than a a system to control guild bank access, here are our officers:

Everkind (Zee), Guild Master
Whbttnshoot (Bob), Officer and GM of Guardians of the Zodiac
Ketto, Raid Leader
Urahi, Raid Leader
Nattiral, Raid Numbers Officer
Zezmazuru, Head of HR
Aris, Morale Officer and Keymaster
Kirstypally (Sam), Guild Bank Manager
Mystisee (Tikk), Supply Officer
Sekkendou (Lorgain), Website Officer

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